About Us

Fresh Origins Farm produces MicroGreens, PetiteGreens, TenderGreens and Edible Flowers in the North San Diego County town of San Marcos.  Our ideal growing climate allows us to produce a Micro Green that is robust, healthy and highly flavored.

We have created several original, unique items such as FireStixTM, MicroFlowersTM, Petite Amaranth Carnival MixTM, Micro Mustard DijonTM, Micro Mirepoix MixTM, Micro Fines Herbes MixTM.    Our product list is extensive  and most are available all year.

Our Micro Greens have exceptional color, are bursting with flavor and have outstanding keeping quality due to the care and attention we give in our growing and harvesting methods.  They are hand harvested daily to order, at the peak of freshness.  Our farm is certified for food safety by Primus Labs and we are a signatory to the California Leafy Green Handler Marketing Agreement.

We are a small family farm that cares about the produce we grow.  The farm was founded by David Sasuga, after growing flowering plants for 20 years.  David always wanted to grow fresh produce and the opportunity came unexpectedly.  Back in 1996, a local chef came to our greenhouse and got excited when he saw some basil seedlings growing there.  He explained that he could use them as a garnish and although it did not make a lot of sense at the time, it was then that David began producing these and other varieties destined for restaurants in Orange County California.  We were not calling them Microgreens back then, but that is what they were.  Fresh Origins has come a long way since then and now produces a wide variety of MicroGreens, PetiteGreens, edible flowers, and related items.

Fresh Origins has made a commitment to practice sustainable farming.  For insect control, we utilize screening to exclude pests from our greenhouses.  We use sticky tape insect traps to minimize the need for spraying.  Whenever spraying is necessary, we choose safe materials such as Garlic, Clove and Rosemary oils.  Our growing medium and growing trays are recycled and we also recycle our water.  Many of our varieties are from heirloom seeds.  Because of our mild climate, the need for heating and cooling our greenhouses is minimized.  Therefore, our energy usage or “carbon footprint” is significantly less than if we were producing in harsher climates such as the mid-western or north-eastern U.S.

Our employees are a top priority.  We offer a good wages and benefits including paid health insurance, vacation and holidays.  We provide steady employment all year, there are no seasonal layoffs.  We have an outstanding staff who takes great pride in the quality of produce we provide.

Our products are available to professional chefs from fine foodservice distributors nationwide.

We appreciate your interest in Fresh Origins Farm.

Contact Us:

San Marcos,
California 92069

phone: (760) 736-4072
fax: (760) 736-4079

email us

Contact Us
San Marcos
California 92069
phone: (760) 736-4072
fax: (760) 736-4079
email us

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