Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love isn’t the only thing in Bloom this month! Celebrate the most Romantic Holiday with these Gorgeous Edible Flowers from Fresh Origins!

Truly an eye-catcher!  Colorful and striking flame-like blossoms.  The flavor is similar to corn silk.  A bold and beautiful garnish for anything, make a fabulous and creative presentation for entreés, salads, desserts and cocktails!  Brilliant in creative presentation value, mild in flavor.  Incredible shelf-life and durability.

Pretty in Pink! Bright pink-fushia colored tiny dianthus.  Strong tart flavor. All you need is just one flower to add excitement to a plate! Amazing garnish for hors d’oeuvres, desserts, cocktails & salads.

Stunning red and pink Camelia flowers adds a dramatic presentation to any dish.  Unique sweet and tangy flavor. Brilliant garnish for desserts and main entreés.  Colorful enhancement for party platters, appetizer and fruit trays. 2 ½-5 inches in diameter.

Dramatic, new mixture of yellow, orange, and red, flame-like blossoms.  Great garnish to visually enhance any dish.  Stand them straight up to add dimension or simply lay them down.  Add a classy presence to cocktails, desserts, salads and main entreés.


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